Smart Trees Reindeer

A few years ago, when visiting our grotto Santa asked us if we would look after some of his reindeer… He was so pleased with our work that we are now rearing a herd for him. We have Tilli, Ivy and Radar who are the adults, the babies from 2010, Uno, Fern and Nigel, the babies from 2011, Ray and Hope and finally from 2012 Betty, Farah and Ainslie.

See Photos and videos in our Reindeer Gallery for more…

Smart Trees hire out our reindeer to garden centres, town centre events, parties and social events. If you are interested in adding a bit of Christmas to your event contact us.

Example basic cost for hiring a minimum of 2 Reindeer for 2 hours (including handlers and equipment) is £375.   Contact us for a quote specific to your event and your location.

Visit our Reindeer in the outdoors relaxing in the paddocks and building up their energy for the Big Night. Why not grab a bag of special Reindeer Food from our shop and hand feed them yourself. Please remember to wash your hands after petting our reindeer and especially before you eat